Custom foot orthotics in Cold Lake


What is Orthotics ?

Custom Orthotics are one of the professionally designed gadgets used for reducing ankle and foot pain. It helps to alleviate pain and unnecessary pressure over the sole of your foot. Furthermore, it also minimizes the risk of developing foot deformities.
The Amfit technology ensures exceptional results with orthotics that fit the contours of your feet. Our physiotherapist will perform a detailed assessment of your foot, identify the biomechanical imbalances  and then a custom designed orthotic will be prepared for you. 

PEAK Orthotics - Health Canada Approved

 Cold Lake Physiotherapy Clinic has partnered with PEAK Orthotics from Courtenay, B.C., (manufacturer of Amfit® Custom Orthotics) to provide the only Health Canada Approved Automated Technology for the measurement of custom foot orthotics.  

We thoroghly capture foot contour measurements, along with individualized adjustments using the computer. 

How the Assessment takes place ?


Our Therapists will perform a gait/walking pattern analysis and identify atypical movement patterns.

They would also make a note of wearing on various sides of your existing footwear.

Therapists would conduct a  3D digital scan of your feet performed using the internationally acclaimed Amfit 3D Contact Digitizing System.

 After that, the therapist will customize the orthotic to meet your feet's biomechanical demands.

When will I get my Custom orthotics?

  •  Custom Orthotics will take 4-7 business days to be returned from the manufacturer.
  • Our clinic will give you a call once it arrives and provide you with further details.
  • PEAK Orthotics Guarantee:  90 day fit guarantee, 6 month top cover guarantee, 1 year manufacturing defects (lamination or failures of any structural material will be replaced or repaired).